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3D virtual cell


  • Build a search engine for researchers interested on fluorescense in situ hybridization (FISH) and nuclear proteins, which provides:
  • Single or compound searching by species / gene / chromosomal range / protein / cell / cancer / title / 3D reconstruction, etc.
  • Filtering query results by gene names within target chromosomal coordinate range / 3D information availability / distance information availability
  • Listing and graphical result display of searching results
  • Real-time knowledge graph of multi-omics interactions in searching results
  • Saving of query results
  • Links to related articles
  • Browsing FISH-DB by species / cancer / gene / protein / probe / allele / journal / author
  • Graphical display of statistics for selected category
  • Links to related articles with each entry
  • Interactive 3D virtual cells on integrated omics data
  • Over 21 graphical statistics about FISH methods / proteins / 3D data / allele-specific data / cell lines, etc. in FISH-DB
  • Coupled graphical statistics about species / journals in different years and genes in different species in FISH-DB
  • Real-time plot of statistics on query result
  • Statistics plotting of selected entry
  • Knowledge graphs on author and multi-omics entities equipped with advanced filters